How to Decorate Homes According to Zodiac Signs?

How to Decorate Homes According to Zodiac Signs?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there’s something intriguing about learning how to live better based on exactly where and when you were born.

Personal styles are often an extension of our identity and our spaces have a character based on our very distinct tastes.

We at ‘The Nascent’ bring you a complete guide on ‘How to Decorate Homes According to Zodiac Signs’. Minimalist, Maximalist, Scandinavian, Bohemian or everything in between. What’s your interior style?  Let’s find out-



Aries: This fire sign is known to gravitate towards bright, bold and strong masculine statements. Aries are sensitive to light and hue, thus avoid the use of muddy or muted colours and bolster your spirits with bright tones by going all out. 

The same goes when choosing the décor- Aries feel energized around warm tones and industrial style of furniture and architecture. Aries are creators and doers who need to feel active and fuelled with ideas in a living or workspace.





Taurus: Taurus is an earth sign that loves natural tones, be it in color or in fabric. Taurus men and women have an unexplained love for all things brown, woody, lush green and powerful. Tauri are deeply sensitive to their environments and need to live in a comfortable, gorgeous space. For them, every detail counts, and they invest in the best of everything. Their love of indoor plants and natural fiber and fabric makes them love organic spaces.



Gemini:  Gemini is an air sign and Geminis have a curious and eclectic decorating  sensibility. When decorating homes for these curious thinkers, think bright airy spaces; flexible layouts; and springy accent colors such as sky blue, light green, and yellow. They love their sunlit windows and the warm homely touch too, so find a fine balance between warm and eclectic



Cancer: Cancerians are deeply emotional and their house reflects memories of things and people they hold close. Cancerians express themselves through bold pieces they have a serious emotional connection to. As a strong water sign you can expect them to gravitate towards hues of blues and silver and also want to  have a pool or water representation in their house. Cancerians are romantic, sensitive, and nostalgic—look for vintage floral patterns, Victorian accents, antique mirrors, and items passed down the family line.




Leo: Leos love fine art on display, and as a fire sign, need a playful, inviting space or sitting area.  No one does royal and stately as Leos do. Their taste is refined; choices bold and they never shy away from experimenting with color. Leos love to be the centre of attention, and their home is no different. Play around with all things luxe and statement for their homes.





Virgo: Earthy Virgos thrive in simple surroundings that focus on practical, functional beauty. They invest in timeless pieces and the choose keeping functionality in mind. Virgos take pride in their space, which includes an eye for cleanliness, order and sufficient storage. Lover of neutral tones with laid-back touches, Virgos gravitate towards Scandinavian design and minimalist furniture.




Libra: This deep and social air sign gravitates towards harmonious balance of everything in measured quantities. As a great admirer of physical beauty, Librans aim for style and value, not to mention cleanliness. Libra is the most artistic sign of the zodiac, so make sure the lightness and sunshine at home matches their airy spirit. Their social and collaborative nature demands a play of warm pastels and   addition of more seating space in their living rooms.




Scorpio: This water sign thrives on mystery and depth. Scorpions are deep, intriguing personalities and their spaces reflect the same. Choose deep purples, inky blues and wine reds to go along with  soft, sensual furniture. Scorpions like to keep it passionate and intimate, so go ahead and play with some striking colors and fabrics. Lend more from fantasy- silks, satins and candles are ideal to give a  luxe and sophisticated feel to it.




Sagittarius: Traveler’s, wanderers and true free souls, Sagittarians love collectibles and souvenirs. Their homes reflect their free spiritedness with their Bohemian style and choice of natural materials and subdued colours which are made to pop through brightly coloured exotic pillows, throws and poufs. They love small dreamy corners and breezy curtains. 



Capricorn: Lovers of elegant, timeless and classic pieces- Capricorns love monochromes and invest in solid furniture. Craftsmanship is important to them, and they believe in collection of beautiful Italian furniture and handmade leather goods. A refined sophistication is seen in their minimalistic luxe style and as they like to keep it classic with functional spaces  clean lines. 




Aquarius: Aquarians are imaginative people with a futuristic bent of mid- open to and welcoming change. Cool whites with accents of blue and aqua; modern patterns with geometric or abstract shapes; and reflective surfaces such as silver, steel, glass do well to spaces for Aquarians.  This air sign loves well lit, spacious designs that have enough ventilation. 




 Pisces: This water sign looks to retreat in a house that’s away from chaos and deeply inspired by the ocean. Think serene sea colours with dreamy depths. Pisces will use objects to add character in their homes. Pops of colour come from art and often handmade objects. Pisceans are gentle. Think bohemian designs in the shades of the sea.








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